Prepare for and Access the Exam

The Government of Alberta Provincial Health Care Aide Exam (Exam) provides a standardized assessment to determine Health Care Aide (HCA) students’ success in meeting the entry to practice competencies as outlined in the Alberta HCA Competency Profile (2018).

Successfully passing the Provincial HCA Examination is the final step required for Alberta Health Care Aide (HCA) students to graduate from the HCA Program and receive the Government of Alberta 2019 HCA Provincial Curriculum Certificate.

Can’t find the information you’re looking for? For frequently asked questions about the Provincial Exam, see Provincial Exam FAQs.



To be eligible to write the Exam, candidates (students) must do the following:

1. Enrol on the Alberta HCA Directory

Candidates must enrol in the Directory in advance to receive access to the Provincial HCA Exam.

  • How to Enroll in the Directory
  • During enrolment, select the “2019 Curriculum” option under the education section to receive access to the Practice and Provincial Exam.

2. Finish all coursework & practicums

  • A candidate must successfully complete all coursework and practicums from their 2019 Alberta Program curriculum to be able to write the Exam.
  • Candidates’ post-secondary institutions (schools) send confirmation to the Alberta HCA Directory after candidates have completed their coursework.

This information is provided to the Directory through a completed PSI Candidate Spreadsheet, which includes the list of eligible students who have successfully passed their coursework and practicums. The spreadsheet is available on request at

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Candidates can book their exam up to 24 hours before the time that they want to write.  Candidates who do not require accommodations may book their exams during any of the available dates.

If a candidate needs to request an accommodation to support their exam attempt(s), they can do so by completing the Exam Accommodation request form. Accommodation requests must be submitted a minimum of 21 calendar days prior to their desired exam date. For more information about how to request an accommodation, see Exam Accommodations.

Candidates should make sure that they are selecting the right time and time zone for the Exam.

  • Use the Edmonton, Canada time zone in order to book in local Alberta time.
  • The Exam booking system uses a 24-hour clock. This means that, to write the Exam at 6:00pm, candidates should select 18:00.

Candidates can take the exam a maximum of three times within 60-calendar-day time limit.

If candidates are unsuccessful on any attempt, they must wait at least 14 calendar days before paying and booking another attempt. See Provincial Exam Policy for more information.

See also: Candidate handbook for additional information.

Issues booking the Exam

  • Candidates experiencing technical issues with booking their Exam must contact ProctorU via the Live Chat: or 1-855-772-8678, Option 1.

Rescheduling the Exam

  • Candidates who want to reschedule the Exam can email the Directory for assistance or call 780-670-5050 Monday to Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm MDT.
  • Candidates who need immediate assistance to reschedule their Exam must contact ProctorU at 1-855-772-8678, Option 1.

Exams cannot be rescheduled outside of the 60-day exam writing window.

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See Fee Schedule for more information.

Provincial HCA Examination$200.00 plus GST per attempt.

Candidates who do not show up to write their Exam are not eligible for a refund and will have to pay the Exam fee for their next attempt. For more information, see Provincial Exam Policy.

Missed Exams do not count toward the three examination attempts available to candidates. This means that if a candidate misses their first Exam attempt, they will still have three attempts available.

Questions? Please email the Directory.

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Candidates may want to purchase an optional practice exam to prepare for the Provincial Exam. Access to the Practice and Provincial Exam is only available to candidates who are enrolled in the Directory.

The cost for the practice exam is $40, which provides candidates up to 5 attempts at the same exam.

Video: How to access Practice Exam

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Test technology before writing the Exam

All candidates write the Exam using a service called ProctorU.

Candidates should make sure they have equipment that meets ProctorU’s technology requirements. Make sure to check the following:

  • Computer: Is the operating system correct? Does the computer have the right CPU and RAM? Does the screen have the right resolution?
  • Internet connection: Is there enough Download/Upload speed?
  • NEW Browser: Download the Guardian browser ahead of Exam time
  • Webcam & microphone: Is there a webcam and microphone?
  • Testing: Candidates must TEST their equipment prior to their Exam session.

For more information, see Testing Your Equipment

Understand the Exam requirements

  • All candidates must review the HCA Examination Candidate Handbook before taking the Exam. This Handbook contains information on how to prepare for the Exam and what to expect during the Exam.
  • Candidates are monitored via webcam and microphone during the Exam. Certain actions and behaviours are not allowed during the Exam because they might indicate cheating. These actions and behaviours are listed in Appendix A of the Candidate Handbook.
  • Candidates should also make sure that they are familiar with the requirements in Section 6.0 of the Candidate Handbook. Reviewing Section 6.0 will help candidates understand what is expected of them on exam day.

Prepare for exam day

To prepare for taking the Exam on ProctorU, candidates should also review the following:

Additional resources:

MAC Users Setting Adjustments

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Candidates can request an exam accommodation for various reasons related to a disability. Examples of available accommodations include additional time, a separate room, read and write software or a reader.

Candidates can request an accommodation if they meet the following requirements:

  • They have a disability that is currently being treated by a physician or has been diagnosed and treated in the past
  • The disability creates barriers or may negatively impact their success in taking the Exam.

To request Accommodations, candidates must complete the Exam Accommodations Request form and submit to A minimum of 21 days is required to review and process each request.

For more information on accommodation requirements, see Provincial Exam Accommodations Policy

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For more information, please Email the Directory for assistance or call 780-670-5050.