Alberta HCA Day Toolkit

To help you celebrate Alberta Health Care Aide Day we’ve created web banners, communications tools, shareable images and social media posts to help you spread the word leading up to October 18 – Health Care Aide Day!

  • Post and share a social media message or photos of your celebrations using #ABHCAday
  • Download and hang the poster in your lunchroom or common area (with permission)
  • Download the Declaration from the Minister of Health
  • Download and include the web banner or social media images on your social media channels
  • Plan a special celebration for Health Care Aides at your facility or educational institution by checking out our ideas for celebrating.

Social Media Posts and Images

Show your support for HCAs by sharing about HCA Day on your social media channels.

  • Health Care Aides are an important part of the health care team! #ABHCAday
  • October 18 is Alberta Health Care Aide Day – how are you celebrating? #ABHCAday
  • Did you know HCAs provide the majority of direct care in the continuing care sector, increasingly work in other parts of the health system, and make up the second largest group of health workers in Alberta? #ABHCAday

Ideas for Celebrating

Here are some ideas for how you could celebrate and make HCA Day extra special for the HCAs you work with.  Don’t forget to share pictures of your celebration on social media and use #ABHCAday.

  • Decorate your social media profile with Alberta Health Care Aide Day banners (see below)
  • Download our poster and place them in public viewing areas (with permission)
  • Host/join a virtual gathering (e.g. a party, video chat, ceremony, etc.) to observe the event with others in your network
  • Find a creative way to spread awareness of the event and display/share it where others can find it (e.g. write a poem, create art, tell stories, etc.)
  • Send a virtual card, message or email to let others in your network know you’re thinking of them
  • Share celebrations on social media using #ABHCAday
  • Suggest story ideas to your communications department based on Health Care Aides and their work
  • Acknowledge the time that Health Care Aides have spent working at your facility  i.e. provide certificates of recognition or small token of appreciation
  • Cut out stars from yellow construction paper, write the names of Health Care Aides on them, and attach the stars to a bulletin board in a common area of your facility. Place a banner across the top that says ‘Health Care Aides are valued members of the health care team’
  • Invite a Health Care Aide leader to provide a virtual presentation on a topic of interest to colleagues
  • Highlight your HCA educational program by setting up a booth or display about the program and Health Care Aides in October
  • Promote your HCA educational program on social media, or by submitting information about it to the Alberta Health Care Aide Directory website
  • Encourage Health Care Aides to join the Alberta Health Care Aide Directory

Additional Resources