Condolences from the Directory

It is with profound sadness that the Alberta HCA Directory recognizes the tragedy and loss of Health Care Aides to the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are the names of Health Care Aides in Alberta known to have died from COVID-19.

  • Joe Marie (Jing) Parrenas Corral, a 61-year old Calgary Health Care Aide (HCA) who was the first known health-care worker to die of COVID-19 in Alberta. Joe was an approved and certified HCA on the Alberta HCA Directory. He worked at Bethany Riverview, a long term cam centre specializing in care for people with complex dementia.  Joe was known as a caring individual who was dedicated to helping other people.
  • Rose Vandelannoite, a 62-year old Sherwood Park Health Care Aide was an approved and Substantially Equivalent HCA on the Alberta HCA Directory. Rose worked Summerwood Village Retirement Home is described as a devoted caregiver. 

The Directory sends condolences to all family, friends, colleagues and all HCAs who are impacted by these deaths. All health care workers contributing to the pandemic response deserve tremendous respect and thanks for their dedication to Albertans.