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Consider self-enrolling in the Alberta Health Care Aide Directory if you are a HCA and are one of the below:

Why enroll?

The Alberta Health Care Aide Directory is a useful resource for HCAs. HCAs make up the largest occupational group in continuing care and the second largest occupational group of healthcare in Alberta. Currently, there is very little information available about them and the work they do. As a result, the Alberta HCA Directory was established to:

  • Recognize that being a Health Care Aide is an important career choice and an important part of the healthcare team
  • Demonstration that HCAs having successfully attained the Core Competencies – including Knowledge, Behaviour, Attitudes, Skills as set out by the Continuing Care Health Service Standards, 2018
  • Establishes a centralized place to get important information, news and updates for Alberta’s HCAs
  • Educate other healthcare providers and the general public about HCAs role in the healthcare team
  • Keep Albertans informed about their healthcare providers
  • Alignment with the Government of Alberta’s commitment to having a competent and valued Health Care Aide workforce that provides care to Albertans

By enrolling in the directory, HCAs will also help government to gather important information about the workforce so it can better plan for the future.

How do I know if I qualify as an HCA in Alberta?

The following are the core competencies as outlined in the Continuing Care Health Services, 2018. When applying as a HCA on this Directory you will fall under one of these core competency statuses.

Certified: HCA education obtained through a Government of Alberta licensed post-secondary institution (using the provincial HCA curriculum).

  • For the next year evidence of HCA certification can be provided through employer verification and HCAs will not need to provide official transcripts to the Directory
  • After the first year, HCAs will need to provide official transcripts to the HCA Directory, therefore ensuring that HCAs enrolled on the directory have the required education
  • Verification of Competencies can take some time to complete. During the process of verification, the HCA’s status in the Directory will be labeled as Certified – In Progress

Substantially Equivalent: HCAs whose HCA education is considered equivalent to the provincial HCA curriculum, and is available on the following link Recognized HCA Programs Approved Schools List (revised as of January 2017)

  • Evidence is required via employer verification
  • Verification of Competencies can take some time to complete, and during the process of verification, the HCA’s status in the Directory will be labeled as Substantially Equivalent – In Progress

Deemed CompetentHCAs who are deemed competent by a nurse licensed in Alberta using the Competency Assessment Profile (CAP) Tool

  • Evidence is required through employer verification
  • Verification of Competencies can take some time to complete, and during the process of verification, the HCA’s status in the Directory will be labeled as Deemed Competent – In Progress
  • Retention of CAP (Competency Assessment Profile) Tools are the responsibility of each organization

What information about me will the Directory collect?

  • Personal and Demographic information: name, address, email address, gender, age and contact information.
  • Employment Information: your employer’s name, your primary supervisor’s contact information  and the number of hours that you work
  • Attainment of core competencies including name and address of educational institution you attended, graduation date and transcript

Alberta HCA Directory Enrollment Checklist

☐  Two Valid (not expired) government issued identification, one must include a picture

Acceptable forms of identification include:

  • Birth certificate
  • Driver’s license
  • Alberta provincial ID card
  • Valid passport
  • Canadian citizenship certificate card
  • Permanent residence card
  • Treaty status card
  • Fire arms card
  • Canadian immigration visa
  • Canadian forces identification card
  • Correctional services Canada card
  • Corrections officer identification card
  • Employee ID for child and family service authority card

Please DO NOT use your Social Insurance Number (SIN).

☐  Employer information including name and address of the organization you work for

☐  Name and email address of your direct supervisor

☐  Educational/Core Competency information including name, address of educational institution you attended, graduation date (if applicable)

☐  Official transcripts from the educational institution you attended (only if applicable)

Please be assured that uploading your ID to the site is secure, and safer than faxing or mailing photocopies of your ID.  Your ID is essential to confirm your identity and therefore is a requirement of the HCA registration process.  Your information is protected during transmission and stored in the Alberta HCA Directory database by encryption. You will be required to upload your ID, please have a .jpg, .png or any type of graphic file of your ID.

What kind of information will be provided to current employers?

The HCA Directory will act as an information database giving employers the opportunity to learn about the HCA role and status of attainment of core competencies.

The HCA Directory will supply the following elements:

  • HCA Name
  • HCA attainment of core competencies
  • HCA Employment Profile
  • HCA Directory enrolment and expiry dates

Note that employers can only see their HCA employees; no other HCAs in Alberta.

Health Care Aide Toolkit

HCA PowerPoint

HCA Information and FAQ Sheet

HCA Directory Project Overview YouTube Video

HCA Directory Account Creation How-To YouTube Video

HCA Directory Application Form How-To YouTube Video

For more information about the Alberta HCA Directory  please check out the Frequently Asked Questions.