Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that you may have about the Alberta Health Care Aide Directory.

1. Are HCAs Required to Enroll in the Directory?

       All HCAs are encouraged to enroll. There are many reasons for the Directory’s establishment to:

  • Provides information about Health Care Aides as an important career choice and an important part of the healthcare team
  • Demonstration that HCAs having successfully attained the Core Competencies – including Knowledge, Behaviour, Attitudes, Skills as set out by the Continuing Care Health Service Standards, 2018
  • Establishes a centralized place to get important information, news and updates for Alberta’s HCAs
  • Educate other healthcare providers and the general public about HCAs role in the healthcare team
  • Keep Albertans informed about their healthcare providers
  • Alignment with the Government of Alberta’s commitment to having a competent and valued Health Care Aide workforce that provides care to Albertans

2. Isn’t there already a Directory in place?

Although there is a 2011 version of the HCA directory, it has been revised to accommodate all HCAs in Alberta, their employers and the public. The old version required employers to report their HCA employees, but the new version gives HCAs the ability to enroll themselves. It also acts as a database and provides aggregate information applicable to each stakeholder group, including government, employers, HCAs, and the public.

3. Should operators continue to provide submissions to Alberta Health Services?

There is now an HCA Employer Transition Plan, please see instructions:

  • Employers can now discontinue submissions to the previous Alberta Health Services HCA directory effective May 1, 2017
  • Anyone who is signed up on the Alberta HCA Directory email list will be notified in early May from the new Alberta HCA Directory with instructions on how to enroll as a HCA and also instructions on employer responsibilities
  • This email can be forwarded to HCAs, students, employers, supervisors, etc.
  • Please email the Alberta HCA Directory if you require more support at

4. Can educators enroll HCA students once they graduate?

Health Care Aides will have the ability to enroll themselves, not educators or anyone else. Please note, graduates will be required to provide proof of course completion directly from their post-secondary institution.

5. What status will students enrolled in an approved HCA program be given while their status is being confirmed?

An HCA’s status will remain Certified-In-Progress until their official transcripts are received and confirmed by the Directory.

6. Is it possible to advertise on the Directory?

There are currently no plans at the time to have advertising on the Directory.

7. Enrollment of HCAs from other Provinces and Countries

Without a certificate from an approved Alberta educational institution, Alberta employers can review your education to determine if it is substantially equivalent, which means equal to the standards of education of HCAs upheld in Alberta.

If the HCA is internationally educated, some employers may assess their previous education and may accept their education as substantially equivalent to the Alberta competency profile and curriculum. Or, the employer may hire the HCA and conduct a competency assessment.

If the HCAs education does not prove to be substantially equivalent, they may become a certified HCA by successfully finishing a formal Health Care Aide program approved by the Government of Alberta.

8. Can I enroll with the Directory if I am an Alberta trained HCA that is currently unemployed?

If you were educated from a recognized institution in Alberta and living in Alberta, you can enroll. This opportunity gives unemployed HCAs who have appropriate documentation verifying their certification, to be recognized as part of the HCA service provider group.

9. Is there a fee to enroll in the Directory?

There is no fee to enroll in the Directory.

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