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Here are some common questions that you may have about the Alberta Health Care Aide Directory.

1. Are HCAs required to enrol in the Directory? 

Alberta Health has mandated that all Health Care Aides (HCAs) working for a publicly funded employer must ensure continued enrolment in the Alberta HCA Directory. If a HCA works for a privately funded employer, they are able to enrol in the Directory and are encouraged to do so.

1.1 How does a Health Care Aide enrol in the Directory? 

For information on How to Enrol visit: How to Apply to the Directory

2. Why is it mandatory for HCAs to enrol in the Directory?

To find more information on why it is mandatory, visit: For Health Care Aides

3. Why does the HCA need to apply to the Alberta HCA Directory when they have provided information to their employer?

The Alberta HCA Directory is a separate entity from a HCA employer and the Directory’s focus is only about Health Care Aides. Alberta Health Services, Covenant Health, Covenant Care, and other employers of HCAs have separate computer systems that are not necessarily connected with each other and are not collecting information for the same reasons as the Alberta HCA Directory. The focus of the Directory is to collect each HCAs information, including demographics and workplace information, from all HCAs in Alberta that work in both public and private care. Therefore, when the Directory requests Health Care Aides to apply, they are completing their own application online and verifying their identity to a separate entity, which provides validity to the application process.

4. Why do HCAs need to provide ID when applying?

Health Care Aides may visit the How to Apply to the Directory for information on acceptable Government-issued ID.

5.  How is HCA identification protected on the Directory?

Health Care Aide information is protected during transmission and when stored in the database by encryption. There is no file or printed image that can be copied. The Directory does not accept faxed or mailed photocopies of ID(s). The information which makes up the ID is sent and stored as a series of fragments that are reassembled for viewing only when administrators complete the confirmation process. Additionally, the Alberta HCA Directory has a very robust privacy policy and has security in place to protect any and all information that is being provided.

6. How does an institution send official transcripts to the Directory?

Official transcripts may be mailed or emailed to the Directory. HCAs are required to complete and submit an HCA Transcript Request form to their institution providing consent to release their official transcripts to the Directory.

7. Can educators enrol HCA students once they graduate?

Health Care Aides must enrol themselves in the Directory once they have been accepted in an Alberta approved HCA educational institution. Once the HCA successfully completes the program, it will be necessary to provide proof of course completion directly from the post-secondary institution to the Alberta HCA Directory.

8. What status will students enrolled in an approved HCA program be given while their status is being confirmed?

An HCA’s status will remain Certified-In-Progress until their official transcripts are received and confirmed by the Directory. It is the HCAs responsibility to follow-up with their application on the Directory, to provide the required transcripts Directory.

Download HCA Transcript Request Form here.

9. When is a HCA considered fully enrolled?

Once an HCA has successfully submitted an application and has had their education verified by the supervisor or the CLPNA Substantial Equivalence assessment. Once approved the HCA will receive a confirmation email from the Directory.

10. Where can a Health Care Aide find Renewal information?

For information on the annual renewal process, visit Annual Renewal Website

11. Is it possible to advertise on the Directory?

The Directory will post educational and employment information relevant for HCAs on the website. Contact the Directory at

12. Enrolment of HCAs from other Provinces and Countries

Health Care Aides (HCAs) that have applied to the Directory and did not obtain HCA education through a Government of Alberta licensed post-secondary institution (see eligibility requirements) in Alberta will need the Substantial Equivalence (SE) Assessment. This process will take approximately 4-8 weeks from the time all requirements are fulfilled and received; although HCAs can work to expedite this process by ensuring they have all requirements available when applying to the Directory. See the Directory for these requirements: Substantial Equivalence Assessment requirements.

The Continuing Care Health Service Standards (CCHSS) indicate that an employer cannot hire an HCA who has not successfully met the requirements in the SE Assessment, and there is no status of “In-progress” available to individuals within this status group.

Employers wishing to bypass the SE Assessment process may choose to hire HCAs and assess them as Deemed Competent to remain in accordance with the CCHSS. Employers may choose to complete a 2019 CAP Assessment on their health care aides and hire them whilst they are in that process. The HCA would receive the status “Deemed Competent – In progress” on the Directory and the employer will be required to notify the Directory once the CAP assessment has been completed with the date of completion. The CAPS Assessment tool may be found on the Directory website: Core Competencies.

13. Can an unemployed, Alberta trained HCA apply to the Directory?

A HCA that graduated from a recognized institution in Alberta and living in Alberta can enrol on the Directory. Unemployed HCAs will be required to provide an official transcript to the Directory as proof of successful completion to be recognized as part of the HCA service provider group.

14. Is there a fee to enrol in the Directory?

There is no fee to enrol in the Directory.

15. What is the Alberta Provincial Health Care Aide Examination?

To learn more about the Alberta Provincial HCA Exam, visit: Alberta Provincial HCA Exam Website

16. I forgot my password. How do I request a new password?

To request a password reset email, please click on “Forgot your password?” located directly below the login box. The HCA will be asked to provide the email address that they want the new password reset email to be sent to as well as to input the code located to the right, directly above the “submit.” Once this request has been made, please check all folders as a password reset email may be sent to your junk folder.

17. Does the Alberta HCA Directory act as a regulatory body for HCAs?

The Alberta HCA Directory is not a regulatory body under the Health Professions Act. It is a database containing information about HCAs. HCAs remain unregulated care providers who must be supervised by a regulated professional.

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