Employer Access to the Directory

Employers or supervisors will need access to the Directory in order to verify HCA education, HCA information, competency status and employment information.

How to become a supervisor and/or manager on the Directory

To request employer, supervisor or manager access to the Directory please send an email to
info@albertahcadirectory.com using your work email account. The email must include your official organizational signature/logo to verify your supervisor/manager title. The email should include the following:

• First and Last name of the supervisor
• Direct work email address
• Facility/Site(s) name
• Facility/Site(s) address
• Phone number
• Position

A request cannot be placed on behalf of another supervisor or manager. A separate request
must be placed by that supervisor with the Directory with the above-mentioned information.

For more information on how to request a supervisor account or how to use the employer portal, please watch the Supervisor Application Review Video or review the following guide:

Employer Access to HCA Directory

Deemed Competent applicants

New* To confirm the completion of a CAPs on an employee on the Directory for the Deemed Competent status, employers are required to complete and submit the following confirmation form to info@albertahcadirector.com:

Competency Assessment Profile Confirmation Form

Applicants who are deemed competent by an Alberta regulated nurse employed by an HCA operator using the CAPs (Competency Assessment Profile Tool) – 2019.

  • Employer verification is required on the Director for Deemed Competent applicants.
  • During the process of verification, the HCAs status in the Directory will be Deemed Competent – In Progress.

Retention of CAPs (Competency Assessment Profile) Tools are the responsibility of each organization and are not submitted to the Directory. An additional resource that outlines core competencies is the Alberta HCA Competency Profile (2018).