For Educators


The Alberta HCA Directory was created for several purposes:

  • Provides evidence that HCAs having successfully attained the Core Competencies – including Knowledge, Behaviour, Attitudes, Skills as set out by the Continuing Care Health Service Standards, 2018
  • Establishes a centralized place to get important information, news and updates for Alberta’s HCAs
  • Educate other healthcare providers and the general public about HCAs role in the healthcare team
  • Keep Albertans informed about their healthcare providers
  • Alignment with the Government of Alberta’s commitment to having a competent and valued Health Care Aide workforce that provides care to Albertans
  • Supports health workforce planning in Alberta, including planning for current and future educational needs and spaces for Alberta HCAs

HCA Student Directory Enrollment

  • HCA students will be able to enroll in the Alberta HCA Directory once they are enrolled in a recognized Alberta educational institution 
  • The Directory will work with educators to facilitate ease the enrollment of HCA students and graduates. Assistance for enrollment will commence June 2017
  • Only Health Care Aides will have the ability to enroll themselves. Another person will not be able to enroll a Health Care Aide
  • Graduates will be required to provide proof of course completion directly from their post-secondary institution, unless they completed their program in the first year of launching of the Directory

General Information for helping HCAs enroll in Alberta Health Care Aide Directory can be found in the Tool Box below.

Educator & Student Health Care Aid Tool Box

HCA Directory Instructional PowerPoint

HCA Information and FAQ Sheet

HCA Directory Overview of Project YouTube Video

HCA Directory Application Form How-To Video

HCA Directory Account Creation How-To YouTube Video

For more information about the Alberta HCA Directory  please check out the Frequently Asked Questions.