Exam Results & Appeal

Candidates (students) who finish the Exam will receive a Pass or Fail result. Candidates will not receive a score that shows exactly how many questions they got right or wrong.

Viewing the results

After finishing the Exam, candidates will be given unofficial pass or fail results. These results can be found on the computer screen after finishing the Exam. They will also be provided in an email from the Exam administrator.

The Alberta HCA Directory (the Directory) will email the official pass or fail results to the candidate within five (5) business days.

Candidates cannot appeal these results. For information about what can be appealed, please see Appealing Exam Processes.

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What if a Candidate is Unsuccessful?

  • Candidates who fail the Exam will receive a diagnostic report to help prepare for another exam attempt. This report will be available to the candidate upon completion of their exam on the ProctorU platform.
  • A diagnostic report will show candidates how successful they were in each of the 6 competency areas. By reviewing the diagnostic report, candidates will be able to see their areas of strength and areas of focus.
  • The Directory recommends that candidates share the diagnostic report with their education program and ask for additional support before trying to write the exam again.

Diagnostic Report Resources

When can a candidate reschedule?

Candidates must wait at least 14 calendar days before booking and paying for another Exam attempt. See Provincial Exam Policy for more information.

Candidates can apply for an exemption from the 14-day waiting period and must sign a waiver.

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Incidents During the Exam

  • During the Exam, a proctor will monitor candidates for behaviour that may indicate cheating. If the candidate displays behaviour that indicates cheating, the proctor will send an incident report to the Directory.
  • The Directory reviews incident reports. If cheating is confirmed, the candidate will receive an email notifying them that the unofficial pass is not valid.
  • The Directory requires up to five (5) business days to review an incident report provided by ProctorU and provide the next steps to the candidate.
  • For more information on actions and behaviours that are not allowed during the exam, please see Appendix A of the Candidate Handbook.

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Appealing Exam Processes

  • Candidates may appeal the Exam administration process only if they believe an irregularity may have affected their success. For example, if ProctorU or Meazure Learning has technical issues during the Exam attempt, then the candidate can make an appeal.
  • For more information on what can be appealed, see Section 8 of the Candidate Handbook.

To apply for an appeal, candidates must complete and submit the Examination Appeal Form to exam@albertahcadirectory.com within seven (7) calendar days of when they receive their official exam results.

Alberta Provincial HCA Examination Appeal Form

The time limit for rebooking a second or third attempt will not apply until an outcome has been determined. See Provincial Exam Policy.

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For more information, please Email the Directory for assistance or call 780-670-5050.