Caregiver-Centred Care Education

About the Caregiver Centered Care Education

We recognize that our Family caregivers are critical to the sustainability of the Canadian health care system and would like to encourage the following educational supports for family caregivers.

With funding from the CABHI-Spark grant and the AHS Seniors Strategic Clinical Network grant, the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Alberta have co-designed and evaluated Foundational Caregiver-Centered Care Education with students including health care aides.

For more information, visit the Caregiver-Centred Care website. There is no fee for access to these modules.

Available Learning Opportunities

If you are a health care aide who interacts with family caregivers and is interested in additional learning opportunities, you may benefit from the following learning opportunities. All participants who successfully complete both modules will receive a Continuing education certificate administered by the Caregiver Centered Care program.

Recommended nationally for staff education by Healthcare Excellence Canada (Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement). For more information, visit the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement There is no fee for access to these modules.

Foundational Caregiver Centered Care Education

A competency-based course that follows a student nurse as they learn about the Caregiver-Centered Care for family caregivers.

The series includes 6 videos and interactive exercises. The course takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete all 6 modules.

  • Module A: Recognizing Family Caregivers
  • Module B: Communicating with Family Caregivers
  • Module C: Partnering with Family Caregivers
  • Module D: Fostering Resilience in Family Caregivers
  • Module E: Navigating Health and Social systems
  • Module F: Enhancing the Culture and Context of Care

Receive a Continuing Education Certificate on completion of the modules.

COVID-19 Caregiver-Centered Care

The focus of these modules is to improve empathic conversations with family caregivers during a pandemic.

The series includes 3 modules and takes approximately 45 minutes to complete all 3 modules..

  • Module A: Understanding the impact of the Pandemic
  • Module B: Empathetically Understanding and Communicating
  • Module C: Navigating Uncertainty and Providing Care Together

Receive a Continuing Education Certificate on completion of the modules.

There is no fee to complete both modules listed above.

All participants of these modules are welcome to complete the evaluation research to help advance the education into undergraduate and health workforce training and professional continuing competence education.