Bridging Modules

In 2019, the Government of Alberta launched a new Health Care Aide (HCA) Curriculum (2019) based on the HCA Competency Profile (2018). The HCA Curriculum (2019) added new content that previous programs did not include. Alberta Health developed the Alberta HCA Bridging Modules (Bridging Modules) to address the new content or knowledge gaps.

There are four self-study Bridging Modules. Successful completion of all four Bridging Modules will provide the required competencies and knowledge contained in the new Curriculum (2019). All HCAs currently on the Directory who are certified, substantially equivalent or deemed competent to the HCA Curriculum (2013) – (or previous versions) can gain access to the Bridging Modules through the Alberta HCA Directory portal at no charge.

There are four (4) self-study Bridging Modules:

  • Dementia
  • Mental Health and Addictions
  • Palliative and End-of-Life Care
  • Professional Development

HCAs may take the Bridging Modules one at a time (e.g. one after the other) or concurrently. Bridging Modules can be completed in one sitting or over several sessions. It does not matter which order the modules are completed.

All four (4) Bridging Modules must be successfully completed in order to receive the Certificate of Completion, as confirmation that they have met the requirements of the HCA Curriculum (2019).

Note* The year of graduation or completion date is not equivalent to the curriculum received. HCAs are responsible for contacting their post-secondary institution to confirm their curriculum received. 

Who is required to complete the Bridging Modules?

Is there a cost?

These Bridging Modules are free and are available for HCAs until June 30, 2022.

Are the Bridging Modules connected to the Annual Renewal?

No, the Bridging Modules are different and separate from the Annual Renewal. The Annual Renewal is mandatory for all approved and active Health Care Aides on the Alberta HCA Directory. The Bridging Modules are mandatory for all approved and active Health Care Aides with the 2013 curriculum. Please see the Annual Renewal webpage for more information.

How to Access the Bridging Modules

The Bridging Modules are ONLY available through the Alberta HCA Directory. Please see Access to the Bridging Modules for more information. We recommend HCAs to review the Access to the Bridging Modules for more information about the Bridging Modules.

What happens if a HCA does not complete the Bridging Modules?

The completion of the Bridging Modules is a mandatory requirement for renewal in 2022. After June 30, 2022, all HCAs applying to or renewing on the Directory will need to meet the requirements of HCA Curriculum (2019). More information on how to enroll is available in the links below.

HCAs who prefer not to complete the four (4) Bridging Modules may obtain an equivalent HCA Certificate (2019) through a Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) evaluation, which is offered by a licensed post-secondary institution. There is a cost for this evaluation.

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