Registration Process


Enrol in the HCA Directory

To access the Provincial Exam, Candidates must enrol on the  Alberta HCA Directory. Post-secondary institutions are required to provide students with access and time during regularly scheduled classes to complete this step.

Candidates will receive an email from the Directory with instructions on how to pay for the Exam and book the Exam within their Directory profile. At the time of payment, Candidates must book their Exam date and time. Exams can be booked within 24 hours and can be written at any time with no accommodation request.

All communication with candidates will be done by email using the current contact information provided within their Directory profile. Candidates are responsible to log into their Directory profile to update any changes to their contact information.

About the Exam

The Alberta HCA Examination Candidate Handbook (2020) is a resource for exam candidates and instructors to assist in preparing for the Exam and understanding related processes. This handbook contains relevant guidelines, procedures and other supporting information.

Candidates MUST READ THIS HANDBOOK FIRST* Alberta Health Care Aide Examination Candidate Handbook (2020)