Exam Accommodations

The Directory will consider all requests from candidates for Exam accommodations. Each request will be evaluated on an individual basis. All accommodation requests must be submitted a minimum of 21 calendar days prior to the end of their final clinical experience.

Accommodations Request

Candidates requesting accommodations to write the Exam must submit a completed exam accommodation request form to the Exam Administrator at exam@albertahcadirectory.com which includes:

  • Information from a physician identifying any restrictions and limitations the candidate experiences due to their disability; OR
  • Information from the post-secondary institution (PSI) identifying the accommodations received (where a candidate is not under the care of a physician)

Accommodation Request forms:

Approval Decisions

The Directory will notify candidates of accommodation approval decisions by email. Candidates are required to sign an agreement specifying which accommodations have been approved. The Directory will not approve any additional accommodations without prior approval.   Students who are approved for accommodations will receive separate instructions on how to book and pay for the exam. All decisions are final and cannot be appealed, where a candidate’s request for  accommodations is denied, the Exam Administrator will provide the candidate with written reasons for the denial.

Click here to find out more detailed information about Accommodations in the Handbook* Alberta Health Care Aide Examination Candidate Handbook

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Exam Inquiries

Use this link if you have any examination inquiries or are unable to sit the Provincial HCA Examination due to extenuating circumstances.

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