Exam Accommodations

The Directory will consider all requests from candidates for Exam accommodations. Each request will be evaluated on an individual basis. All accommodation requests must be submitted a minimum of 15 business days prior to the scheduled Exam date.

Candidates requesting accommodations to write the Exam must:

  • Submit a written request to the Exam Administrator at exam@albertahcadirectory.com; and
  • Attach a letter from a physician identifying any restrictions and limitations the candidate experiences due to their disability; OR
  • Submit a letter from the post-secondary institution (PSI) identifying the accommodations received (where a candidate is not under the care of a physician)

Special Accommodation Request forms:

All decisions are final and cannot be appealed, where a candidate’s request for¬†accommodations is denied, the Exam Administrator will provide the candidate with written reasons for the denial.

About the Exam

The Alberta HCA Examination Candidate Handbook (2020) is a resource for exam candidates and instructors to assist in preparing for the Exam and understanding related processes. This handbook contains relevant guidelines, procedures and other supporting information.

Candidates MUST READ THIS HANDBOOK FIRST* Alberta Health Care Aide Examination Candidate Handbook (2020) 


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