About the Alberta Provincial Health Care Aide Exam

The Government of Alberta Provincial Health Care Aide Exam (Exam) provides a standardized assessment to determine Health Care Aide (HCA) students’ success in meeting the entry to practice HCA Program competencies as outlined in the Alberta HCA Competency Profile (2018).

HCA students must successfully complete all course work, practicums and pass the Provincial HCA Examination to graduate from an Alberta licensed HCA Program and receive the Government of Alberta 2019 HCA Provincial Curriculum Certificate.

Examination Information

Structure and Composition:

  • 100 multiple-choice questions
  • Four (4) different versions of the exam, but all test the same content
  • Questions are mapped to competency domains in the Alberta HCA Competency Profile
  • Each question is weighted differently, based on how difficult it is
  • The Exam Blueprint provides an overview of the percentage of marks in each of the six (6) competency domains

Length of Exam:

  • Candidates have two (2) hours to complete the closed-book examination

Delivery and Supervision:

  • The exam is computer-based, accessible online, with 24/7 access (excluding statutory holidays)
  • The exam booking system utilizes a 24-hour clock.
  • The exam is supervised virtually using a live-proctor


  • Each exam attempt costs $200. Refer to the fee schedule for specific information

Exam Attempts:

  • Candidates have a maximum of three Examination attempts within a 60-calendar day

More information on the exam can be found by reviewing the following resources:


For more information, please Email the Directory for assistance or call 780-670-5050.