Alberta Provincial Health Care Aide Exam

What is the Alberta Provincial Health Care Aide Exam?

The Government of Alberta Provincial Exam (Exam) provides a standardized assessment to determine Health Care Aide (HCA) students’ success in meeting the entry to practice HCA Program competencies as outlined in the Alberta HCA Competency Profile (2018). All HCA students must successfully complete all course work and practicum pass the Examination to graduate from the HCA Program and receive the Government of Alberta 2019 HCA Provincial Curriculum Certificate.

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The Alberta Provincial HCA Exam requires each of the following:

About the Exam

  • The Exam is computer-based, accessible online, with 24/7 access (excluding statutory holidays).
  • The Exam is live-proctored.
  • The Exam is 2 hours in length and a fee schedule outlining the Exam fees may be found here.
  • Candidates have a maximum of 60-calendar days from the date of program completion to successfully complete the exam (all 3 attempts).

For more information about accessing the exam visit:

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Candidates MUST READ THIS HANDBOOK FIRSTAlberta Health Care Aide Examination Candidate Handbook prior to writing the Provincial HCA Examination.

  • The handbook is a great resource for exam candidates and instructors to assist in preparing for the Exam. It contains relevant guidelines, procedures and other supporting information pertaining to the Provincial HCA Exam process.

Exam Inquiries

Use this link if you have any examination inquiries or are unable to sit the Provincial HCA Examination due to extenuating circumstances.

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Exam Reference Documents