Access to the Bridging Modules

In 2019, the Government of Alberta launched a new Health Care Aide (HCA) Curriculum (2019) based on the HCA Competency Profile (2018). The HCA Curriculum (2019) added new content that previous programs did not include. Alberta Health developed the Alberta HCA Bridging Modules (Bridging Modules) to address the new content or knowledge gaps. Please review the Bridging Modules webpage for more information. 

How to access the Bridging Modules

The Bridging Modules are only available online and through the Alberta HCA Directory. Please follow the instructions outlined below for how to access the Bridging Modules:

  1. Log in to your Directory portal
  2. Click on “Bridging Modules” on the left side menu
  3. From this page, under Available Bridging Modules, click on the link: “Click here to take the online bridging modules @ Moodle.” This will take you to Moodle where you will have access to the modules.

It is recommended that HCAs start with the “Introduction Module: Review this first” for a better understanding of how the modules work. All four (4) Bridging Modules must be successfully completed in order to receive the Certificate of Completion, as confirmation that they have met the requirements of the HCA Curriculum (2019).