About the Alberta Health Care Aide Directory



HCAs are the largest occupational group of continuing care providers in Alberta, and the second-largest group of healthcare workers. Currently, HCAs are not regulated, and information about their workforce is not recorded.

The Alberta Health Care Aide Directory collects relevant HCA demographics, employment statistics and attainment of core competencies without any fee. In addition to providing a centralized location for information about HCAs, the Directory provides an annual renewal process, allows for transferability of assessed core competencies among employers (though it is still the employer’s responsibility to ensure competence), and helps to educate the public about Alberta’s Health Care Aides.




The HCA Directory offers many benefits:

  • Provides information about Health Care Aides as an important career choice and an important part of the healthcare team
  • Demonstrates that HCAs have successfully attained the Core Competencies – including Knowledge, Behaviour, Attitudes, and Skills as set out by the Continuing Care Health Service Standards, 2018
  • Establishes a centralized place to get important information, news and updates for Alberta’s HCAs
  • Educates other healthcare providers and the general public about HCAs role in the healthcare team
  • Keeps Albertans informed about their healthcare providers
  • Aligns with the Government of Alberta’s commitment to having a competent and valued Health Care Aide workforce that provides care to Albertans

Oversight of the Directory

The Directory is funded by Alberta Health and is administered by the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta. The CLPNA is a well-respected and experienced organization that successfully regulates LPNs in Alberta. Along with the Government of AlbertaAlberta HealthAlberta Health Services and Covenant Health, they are eager to guide the advancement of the HCAs and inform the public about their healthcare providers.

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