Education Bursary for Health Care Workers

The Alberta Association on Gerontology Education Bursary – $1000 for education programming

Each year the Alberta Association of Gerontology awards one recipient with $1000.00 (one thousand dollars) to complete education programming of their choice related to care of seniors in Alberta. There is an application process and the award will be made on May 9, 2019 in Calgary, Alberta.

The deadline to apply is Thursday, May 2nd and you must complete and submit an application form to enter to be eligible for the award.

Education Bursary Application Form

The Alberta Health Care Aide Directory

The Alberta Health Care Aide Directory provides information on Alberta’s largest group of care providers in continuing care.

Health Care Aides (HCAs) are important and respected members of Alberta’s frontline healthcare and an important part of helping Albertans receive quality, person-centred care.

What HCAs are Saying

Did you know it is mandatory for HCAs to enrol in the Directory?

Alberta Health has mandated that all Health Care Aides (HCAs) working for a publicly funded employer enrol in the Alberta HCA Directory.

Having all HCAs working for a publicly funded employers enrol in the Directory will provide Alberta Health and its partners with good workforce data, which will support the development of health human resource plans. More importantly, it will provide public assurance that Alberta’s HCAs are competent.

Enrol in the HCA Directory

The Alberta Health Care Aide Directory:

  • Serves as a central resource for Alberta HCAs to get information, news and updates
  • Confirms that HCAs working in Alberta have successfully attained the core competencies necessary to provide safe, proficient care for patients and clients
  • Educates employers, educators, stakeholders and Albertans about HCAs’ role in healthcare
  • Acts as a database to collect information on HCA employment necessary for workforce planning
  • Launched on May 1, 2017

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