The Alberta Health Care Aide Directory

The Alberta Health Care Aide Directory provides information on Alberta’s largest group of care providers in continuing care.

Health Care Aides (HCAs) are important and respected members of Alberta’s front-line healthcare and an important part of helping Albertans receive quality, person-centred care.

The Alberta Health Care Aide Directory:

  • Serves as a central resource for Alberta HCAs to get information, news and updates
  • Confirms that HCAs working in Alberta have successfully attained the core competencies necessary to provide safe, proficient care for patients and clients
  • Educates employers, educators, stakeholders and Albertans about HCAs’ role in healthcare
  • Acts as a database to collect information on HCA employment necessary for workforce planning

Mandatory Enrolment

The Directory would like to extend our appreciation for every Health Care Aide that has applied and submitted an application to the Directory to meet the Directive. Alberta Health has mandated that all Health Care Aides (HCAs) working for a publicly funded employer ensure continued enrolment in the Alberta HCA Directory. The Directory has been working with publicly funded employers for the past year to meet the mandate; on January 31, 2020, the grandfathering period ended.

Beginning February 1, 2020, Certified HCAs who obtained their HCA education through a Government of Alberta licensed post-secondary institution wishing to enrol in the Directory must provide their official transcript directly to the Alberta HCA Directory, to ensure that they attained the required education.

What HCAs are Saying

How does an HCA review their status on the Directory?

Please login to the Directory and review the status of your application. Once approved on the Directory, an email will be sent to the HCA confirming successful enrolment in the Directory.

Review our FAQ page to learn the definition of each status!

HCA Directory Login

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All Health Care Aides (HCAs) working for a publicly funded employer need to ensure continued enrolment on the Alberta HCA Directory.

Having all HCAs working for publicly funded employers enrol in the Directory will provide Alberta Health and its partners with good workforce data, which will support the development of health human resource plans. More importantly, it will provide public assurance that Alberta’s HCAs are competent.

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Renewal Time is Here!

It’s time for all HCAs to review and update any of their changed information on the Directory and ensure their profile has the most current information.

It’s Quick. It’s Easy. It’s Free! Renewal is now OPEN!

LOGIN to Renew!

The Directory requires renewal as planned on April 1, 2020. We understand the concerns raised due to the COVID-19 pandemic; however, we need the correct information on the Directory to ensure we are able to respond to workforce planning during this time. The Directory provides a centralized location for information about HCAs and allows for the transferability of assessed core competencies among employers.

HCAs are able to update any changed personal information, employer information and provide any new education obtained. We appreciate all that you do for the health care system and we want to continue to recognize your contributions.

How to Renew: