The Alberta Health Care Aide Directory

It is time to update all your information on the Directory and ensure your profile has the most current information. We do this to ensure our information about our HCA’s is accurate and up to date.
Renewal starts February 11, 2019 and will close March 31, 2019.

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Enrol in the HCA Directory

The new Alberta Health Care Aide Directory provides information on Alberta’s largest group of care providers in continuing care.

Health Care Aides (HCAs) are important and respected members of Alberta’s frontline healthcare and an important part of helping Albertans receive quality, person-centred care.

What HCAs are Saying

The Alberta Health Care Aide Directory aims to:

  • Serve as a central resource for Alberta HCAs to get information, news and updates
  • Confirm that the HCA has successfully attained the core competencies necessary to provide safe, proficient care for the patients and clients of Alberta
  • Educate employers, educators, stakeholders and Albertans about HCAs’ role in healthcare
  • Act as a database to collect information on HCA employment necessary for workforce planning

Consider self-enroling in the Alberta Health Care Aide Directory if you are a HCA and are one of the below:

The Directory has been live since May 1, 2017.

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